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Objectives and dynamic strategies in an expanding market


Inventions, literary works, music & design are all intangible assets. The legal right to these ‘creations of the mind’ is Intellectual Property (IP).
Maggie Strickland

/ Group Chief Information- Aqua Group

The studio was keen to create an identity that would not interfere with any of the existing brands, settling on a helicoid system that can be easily adapted to “work with any colour system”. The studio consulted with the various brands throughout the process. (Source:




Our solution

The communication between machines of different kinds sometimes cause troubles and inaccurate signal decoding results.

Advancements in technology – including machine-to-machine communications between smart sensors, referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’. For example, appliances in the home that can be monitored and controlled wirelessly by the homeowner wherever they are.

The potential market for servers and networking equipment development is still unstable and shrinks every year.

Market development – increasing market share in new markets such as servers and networking equipment. ARM’s technology is well placed to provide lower power options to transport, distribute, analyse and store data across the internet.

Demand for energy efficient technology – the market demands high performance products using low power technology.

This case study will demonstrate how ARM’s strategies contribute to the achievement of its business vision, aims and objectives using an integrated approach focusing on innovation, its people and its network of partners.


ARM has an innovative business model. ARM does not manufacture the products in which its technology is used.

Management Team

Madhu is responsible for SmartCursors marketplace product strategy, roadmap, integrations, security, analytics and compliance. He leads the engineering team to use technology in Microsoft Azure, O365 Graph API, Single Page Apps, PWA, Rest API, Micro Services, Mobile apps, Bots and Power BI. He has more than 18 years experience working as a solution architect, data modeling, analyst, developer and worked for companies including JLT, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, ST Engineering and Intel.

Madhu Babu Gadipati
- Co-Founder & CTO


Meng Teng LEE- Head of Digital Transformation

Meng Teng has overall responsibility for the delivery of SmartCursors and works with clients to transform the workplace with a modern platform to encourage productivity, engagement and collaboration.


Venkata Durgarao.P- Head of Delivery

Durgarao is responsible for the delivery of SmartCursors modules, work closely with teams to provide reviews & feedbacks, resolve technical impediments, and continuously looking for ways to improve team.

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